The Company


A. MINTIKKIS FARM LTD was established in 1960 in the village of Akanthou, located in the northern part of Cyprus by the founder of the company Mr. Andreas Mintikkis. At first the company operated on a regional basis and then gradually expanded. Originally, the company dealt with poultry farming, until 1974.

Although the business lost all its assets and most of its client base in 1974 due to the Turkish invasion, A. Mintikkis Farm recommenced its operations within the same year, initially in Limassol and later moving to Tseri-Nicosia. It was incorporated as a limited company in April 1975.

The scope of the company includes farming, processing, sale and distribution of poultry, cuts and eggs as well as the importation, sale and distribution of frozen foods such as meat, fish and vegetables.

A new central distribution depot with state of the art warehousing and cold store facilities has been constructed in Tseri Area Nicosia, conveniently located right next to the slaughterhouse facilities.

The new facilities comprise a covered area of 2500 m2 plus 800sq.metres offices. Through extensive automation and computerization we optimize the efficiency with which we handle the rapidly expanding volume of business, ensuring superior quality throughout the supply chain, resulting in the best possible service to our customers.


Dear Friends,

When I started my small business back in 1960 I considered it to be as one of my children.

It is important to say that I have nine children, all of them working in the business! You can see that our company has a promising future built on family values and care of what we love to do.

Our primary concern is to provide the best chicken on the Island, not only to satisfy our customers or surpass our competitors but, first and foremost, to take pride in the quality we offer to the market under our family name. We take the same care with every product that "Mintikkis" brand offers.

Our next concern is to be fair with the people working for us and with us. If our employees and co-workers are not happy and satisfied that they are treated fairly, their negative feelings can spread throughout the organization. It is our company’s policy to be pleasant and caring to all our staff, customers and associates. Our concern for respect and care applies to all the products we handle and promote through our supply chain and into the market.

My conclusion is that when you love what you do, when you do it with attention to quality, when you are proud of your name in the market and when you treat the people who work for and with you fairly then success is bound to follow.

Finally, when you decide to cooperate with "A. Mintikkis Farm, Ltd.", you can be confident that you made the right choice. You will be dealing with a sound, credible partner, one who knows how to progress confidently into the future with sound, small but firm steps.

Andreas Mintikkis
Chairman of the Board of Directors


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Hotels, restaurants, cruise liners, taverns, and fast-food outlets

  • Retail

Supermarkets, hypermarkets, and groceries

  • Wholesale

Government departments and Institutions